Are You Converting Leads into Sales?

Today I came across some mindblowing Facebook statistics I thought you should take a look at, because if you’re not aware of the sheer mass of potential Facebook could be offering your product or service then you will be left behind.

  • It’s a Fact. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest!

  • Since this video was created there are now 800 million people on Facebook.

  • Over 30% of them are over 35, that’s right, it’s not just the young bucks.

  • Every 20 minutes on Facebook there are over 10 million comments made and 1 million links shared.

Those links could be yours!

The sad thing is many facebook fans (people who ‘like’ your facebook page) are very scarely returning, in fact a mere 3% will return, thats a whoping 97% ofyour fans that will never visit your page again.

The trick that really makes the big difference in terms of conversion is taking advantage of the engaged state that users are in.  If someone has just clicked “Like” on your page, they’re far more likely to perform some other type of action again.

And if they have the choice in front of them to take it another step further (with freebies, tips or tricks to entice them), chances are they’ll take that next step. SO what can you do to entice your fans back again and again, and ensure you don’t loose them?

There are literally countless things you can do on this second “page” that users see after they click “like”, such as:

  • Getting them to sign up to your email list

  • Getting them to subscribe to your blog

  • Encouraging them to share your fan page with their friends

  • Giving them a bonus download as thanks

  • Telling them more about yourself, and what you do

As I was flicking through Facebook pages to find you some exemplars of this strategy I came across these beauties, take a look at what this marketing strategy looks like, put together by professionals in the market. Just click onthe example below.





Lastly if you want to jump on the video marketing wave then here are some useful tips from  to guide you:

1. Pick a focus

You don’t want a confusing message, take the time to make your message compelling and valuable, this helps to build an impresion of who you are.

2. Keep it short

Ever heard the saying ‘KISS’ – keep it simple stupid, the goal  is to share a bit more about you and your business so potential clients can get to know you a little more.

3. Offer value

Offer something useful – it could be advice on what every bsuiness should be doing, for example.

4. Include a call to action

Click ‘like’ to see my top 6 tips for growing your customers.

5. Tag your video

Including tags helps search engines index your video more quickly.

6. Post your video

This will help promote your product or service, post to sites likeTwitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Remember: the faster potential clients can access your video the faster you could potentially have more customers.


Video Marketing is yet another ‘tool’ for potentially driving your customer base upwards. If used correctly, you will see results. SMBoost recommends the examples provided in this post should you decide to use this marketing strategy or just grab some extra advice. Our goal here is to inform, and provide you with relevant tips and tricks, information and services that can help develop your brand.  Now that should be enough to get you on your way!

‘We Build, You Boost’




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