Using Facebook’s Latest Changes To Your Business’ Advantage

Whether you personally like the latest rendition of Facebook given the plethora of recent modifications and additions, if you are a business owner, you cannot afford to ignore the new found marketing options which are now offered to you. These changes represent a significant evolution by Facebook from the personal world to an all encompassing business marketing machine.

This transition, and its subsequent disdain by so many, brings Facebook into competition by implementing many features of their primary competitors such as Twitter and Google+.

The ability to subscribe to a page, is very Twitter-like. This feature means you can establish and login as a business rather than your personal page opening up a new realm of networking potential. From your business page you can express your opinions and feedback on just about any topic or page on Facebook, leaving links to who and where you are as a business essentially anywhere you desire.

The new smart lists option on the friends button is the primary basis of Google+ and allows for Facebookers to manage levels of access and visibility to varying circles of contacts, pages, friends etc. I see this as a HUGE plus for businesses entering into the Facebook world as users will tend to be more free when liking business pages as they can place them in an outer circle and not feel as if they are exposing their private conversations, photos and the like to complete strangers. The more connections your business can generate, the more you can truly grasp the potential for social networking’s exponential power of communicating a message or business service.

For any business owner, the bottom line is the bottom line. Revenue is KING! It is the lifeblood of any venture and what keeps up chief executive officers late at night. The path to a healthy revenue stream is sales. The life source of sales is quality and timely lead generation for whatever service or product your firm specializes in. This is where Facebook and their new changes geared towards business shine. The ability to assess a business presence and make a quality contact to the page manager or business owner rather than a public posting on their wall is a huge availability for any business’ sales team.

For many pursuits, gone are the days of cold calling in a futile attempt to hunt down the decision makers who have an army of staff directed to shield them from time consuming sales pitches. Your sales team has a direct avenue to a high level of any Facebook business page’s marketing team.

As businesses realize the options now available to them, Facebook will continue its impressive growth and realize an ever increasing dominance in the online marketing and social media realm it essentially created. One thing is for certain, Facebook has already demonstrated the ability to adapt and offer to users a competitive edge, the future is exciting.


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