Pinterest – Top tips for growing your business.

Pinterest is leading the social media world in leaps and bounds, lets face it, it’s the hottest thing on the web right now. So what is it exactly and what does it mean for business?





Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest is best described as a visual bookmarking site that allows users to pin pictures of anything they find on the web that interests them.  All your likes, comments, pins and re-pins are recorded on your profile, known as a pinboard, thereby connecting people based on their interests rather than friendships or professional networks.  This means the system allows users to show others what they like and, importantly, how they can get them. In turn, it shows the user everything pinned by their friends. These boards are arranged by topics, such as Favourite Places and Spaces or Favourite Foods. Importantly, this enables businesses to humanise their brands by injecting some personality into their offering.

‘Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.’

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite.

Most often, brands use the site to share visually stunning images of their offering. These are being shared via social media and if they’re capturing hearts, they’re being re-pinned by countless others.  Jane Wang, Pinterest’s top overall user, has managed to build herself above a healthy 2.5 million followers, not bad at all considering that each of those followers have someone following them and so on. It’s not hard to then understand the possible magnitude of just one pin – the ripple effect could be extreme (extremly effective marketing methods for any business to take on).  And while it’s true that not every click on an image is going to result in a purchase, the exposure of your pins can result in traffick to your site….just make sure you follow the ‘Top Tips’ below to give your pins the best chance of being repinned.

The brand recently told that Pinterest is “absolutely” driving traffic to its website, but that the team is still working to determine the best metrics for Pinterest – although this isn’t a challenge limited to Pinterest. And while the creators of the platform haven’t yet come clean on how they plan to make money from the site, they do have a few rules, including ‘try not to use Pinterest purely as a tool for self-promotion’. But marketing-savvy brands can get around this without any issues.  Best of all Pinterest is free! Request an invite is all it takes in getting your business set up and a part of the ‘ripple’ effect.


Top Tips for using Pinterest for business…

  • Use quality photos – Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture top quality images of your product or service.
  • Add a Pinterest ‘Follow’ and/or ‘Pin It’ button – Pinterest has several choices, so find one on the site that works for your business.
  • Grow your boards – Pin and maintain your boards regularly to keep your presence alive.
  • Network with others – This is a social site after all. Connect, comment, like and re-pin others.
  • Etiquette – Be mindful of the Pinterest rules – be nice, credit your sources, avoid self-promotion and report objectionable content.
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