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The latest social media marketing tool revolves around images versus status updates. Pinterest, the newest social network, leverages the power of photos to tell a story. While millions already use the site to share their own personal photos, business are slow to jump on board. Since the site is continuing to grow rapidly, now is the time for businesses to take full advantage of this new powerful marketing tool.  SMBoost explains further to our last Blog post what Pinterest is and HOW it can Boost your brand, whilst Building a target audience, just what every business needs.

What Is Pinterest

Think of Pinterest as Facebook minus all the pesky games, apps and status updates. When you want to post something, you “pin” it to your virtual corkboard. You can choose categories, captions and allow comments on each image. As with Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest lets you “repin” images. Essentially, it is your very own online scrapbook of your favorite images.

Businesses are beginning to take notice and are using Pinterest as their new social media marketing tool. Some are simply using the site as an addition to Facebook and Twitter by posting images of new products, employees and company events. Since you can link back to Facebook, the two social media sites are able to play well together. However, there is so much more businesses can do with Pinterest.

 Boosting Your Brand

What better way to boost your brand than using visuals. Just a few of the businesses currently utilizing Pinterest include clothing designers, graphic designers, wedding planners, interior designers and photographers. Almost any product and service can be showcased through images. The best way to make your brand stick in a potential customer’s mind is by showing the brand in action. For instance, a local lawn care service could post before and after pictures to show the difference their service can make.

Add a little personality to your products and services and you’re well on your way to building an audience for your brand. Customers love to deal with businesses run by real people. Show off community involvement, the company’s progression, holiday parties and anything which proves your business isn’t just a brand, but something people can relate to.

Building an Audience

 Of course, none of this matters without an audience. If you already have a Facebook or Twitter following, let all your fans and followers know about your new Pinterest images. If you’re not already using social media for marketing, start by following similar businesses or those which partner well with your own. For instance, a graphic designer may follow a web designer. Consider holding a contest to let users choose your next product. Comment on users’ photos which relate to your business. Engage and you will build an audience. Build even a small audience and they’ll do the rest.

If you’re ready to get started with Pinterest, get the help you need by contacting our team at SMBoost.

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