The Science of Social

What does it mean to be social with media?

Almost as long as the Internet has existed, we have had web-based social media. Whether it is with sites like Facebook and Twitter, where most of todays social media traffic exists, or web forums, the blogosphere, wikis, or podcasts, all over the world people are flocking to websites where they can interact with friends, like-minded people, or worthy debate rivals.

Social media is a means for people to meet and communicate with each other, transcending geographical location. It is a revolution in human communication.


Human Nature and Social Media

As human beings, we all seek company. It is in our nature to wish to communicate, to want to place ourselves amid people with similar interests, to meet new and exciting people. We are social creatures, and social media has been perhaps the most important development of our lifetimes in terms of human communication. As the Internet allows us forums for special interest groups or the ability to easily interact with our friends and our friends’ friends, it is natural for us to be drawn to this technological development.

So how does social media and business marketing = business building?


Using Social Media for Marketing and Business

For business owners, from the fledgling to the superpowers, social media marketing is a goldmine for building up a business. With social media becoming the standard way in which we provide each other with information, businesses that utilize social media are able to generate powerful word-of-mouth marketing, perhaps by offering special deals to subscribers or those who “check in” on Facebook when visiting your business.

”You will either step forward into growth or step back into safety”

At the bare minimum, every business should have Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Maintained properly, each of these sites has the potential to be more powerful than any television commercial or magazine advertisement. Whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar store, social media marketing is simply a must.

The rules of marketing have changed. Have you changed your marketing methods?

Make the change now with SMBoost. 

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Teacher, Social Media Marketer and Manager, Business development Facilitator and mother of three. I have a passion to travel, although that doesn't happen as much as I'd like it too. Life has become very busy, but I love what I do! NZ is home but I have lived in WA for the past 11 years.

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