Do you ‘fancy’ it or ‘pin’ it?

Which should you market with?

If you’re active in social media at all, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. Ranked as the 45th most popular site on the Internet as of this writing, it’s certainly no lightweight. More recently, another site called TheFancy has been stirring up a lot of social media buzz, and on the surface they appear to be similar ideas.




Both sites are potentially powerful tools for anybody with images worth sharing. For instance, a clothing manufacturer could place an advertisement on either site and users could instantly generate word of mouth buzz for the product.



Aside from being tremendously popular and carrying a huge audience, Pinterest is composed of something of a specific audience, namely women. The feel of the site is very feminine, with an almost Etsy-like quality to it.

A lot of the shots shared on the site therefore relate to home décor, recipes, and products for children.



TheFancy creates something of a different vibe, a little more urban and comfortable for both genders. Also, TheFancy openly works with brands to use their site to drive sales. While on Pinterest, it is slightly more difficult for users to leave Pinterest and go to another site to purchase your product, TheFancy is happy to link to online retailers.

Both of these sites could be powerful marketing resources depending on the type of business you are running, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Either way, it’s certainly worth experimenting. Why not check them out, and have fun.

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