Key Updates in Social Media this week.

This past week in Social Media has brought a few new exciting changes for users’ enjoyment, and ease of application. Take a look …


Facebook launched their very own App Center today and began rolling out its App Centre to one billion users!!

The App Centre, available on Facebook’s website and on Apple and Android mobile devices, will recommend apps to users based on their interests, the types of apps their friends like, or the apps they have liked in the past.

Their app store is for iOS and Android and will incorporate any app that uses Facebook integration in some way, shape, or form. You can access it from your mobile device or computer. The store has about 600+ apps so far, mostly games, which is small compared to other app stores, but you will be sure that it will grow. The question remains, how will this effect Facebook IPO?


Twitter and Facebook are joining forces to integrate better.

Twitter has modified how tweets appear on the Facebook news feed when being sent out to Facebook automatically from a user’s Twitter account. Now when you include an @mention or #hashtag in a Facebook post, a link to that Twitter handle or hashtag will be added.

One issue with the new integration is that anyone that’s already enabled Twitter-to-Facebook posting will have to disconnect the feature, then reconnect it back on to authorize more information being pushed out to their Facebook page as well as any Facebook brand pages.

Although a subtle change it speaks it is a positive relfelction of the growing relationship between these two major social giants working together to improve users experience. Perhaps there will be more integration with Twitter and Facebook in the future.


LinkedIn become newsworthy this week but not in a good way. Earlier this week LinkedIn suffered from a security breach endangering 6.5 million user passwords. The problem has since been resolved.

Anyone who was affected should have been contacted by LinkedIn. They have issued a formal apology and are working with police to investigate the matter.  We suggest you change your password anyway, just to be safe.

TIP: While more secure, there’s no question that long random passwords are hard to remember. Words-based passwords, though easy to recall, are also very easy to break. We recommend at least 7+ character long paswords including two digits to enhance security. Another tip is to use a mnemonic.


 Foursquare launched with a brand new app design on Thursday.

Foursquare, which launched in 2009 and has 20 million users, lets users “check in” to shops and other locations to share their whereabouts with social contacts.

If you update your mobile app you will notice there is a heavy emphasis on the “explore” tab. The app’s “explore” function will now allow users to browse locations by category or conduct a specific search. The app has also become a little more social including the “like” feature made famous by Facebook and a feature that tells you which of your friends are close by.  What do you think of the new Foursquare?

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