What Is Viral Marketing?

Tweet What Is Viral Marketing? What Is Viral Marketing Viral marketing is a type of marketing technique that relies on and encourages people to pass along a marketing message by word-of-mouth marketing. Viral marketing online uses blogging and posting on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to produce positive word-of-mouth brand awareness. That is idea […]

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Tweet  Who Are They?   Social networks are very popular, and it seems like everyone is involved and on at least one or two. With high levels of interactivity and impression traffic and conversion rates, there are four networks that stand above the rest and really provide people with great services and user experiences on […]

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Tweet Making the decision to have your social media managed is not always an easy or frivolous one. However, hiring a social media manager to observe, manage, and engage in your brand pages online ensures that your company or business is under proper surveillance and is being promoted and interacted with in a positive way. […]

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FACEBOOK for Business

Tweet Social media is the number one vehicle for online marketing, and Facebook may be the most popular site of all. Facebook marketers must consider content delivery, promotions, etiquette and privacy, creating community, applications, advertisements, the open graph, and much more. Written by social media experts, this all-in-one guide gives marketers and small-business owners all […]

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How Instagram Has Rocked the Social Media World

Tweet When Instagram debuted  in October of 2010, it was nothing more than an app in the Apple store developed on a few hundred-thousand dollars that a few people used for fun. Less than two years later, Facebook purchased it for around a billion dollars. When it was first released for the Android, it was […]

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The Science of Social

Tweet What does it mean to be social with media? Almost as long as the Internet has existed, we have had web-based social media. Whether it is with sites like Facebook and Twitter, where most of todays social media traffic exists, or web forums, the blogosphere, wikis, or podcasts, all over the world people are […]

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Using Facebook’s Latest Changes To Your Business’ Advantage

Tweet Whether you personally like the latest rendition of Facebook given the plethora of recent modifications and additions, if you are a business owner, you cannot afford to ignore the new found marketing options which are now offered to you. These changes represent a significant evolution by Facebook from the personal world to an all […]

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Why do I need Social Media? Skeptical? Read on…

Tweet Why do I need Social Media? Skeptical? Read on….   You’ve arrived on this page either because you’re sceptical about the benefits social media will bring to your business or, and you don’t believe it will make a difference. Lets face facts, Social Media is not a fad, its a way of life. It’s […]

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